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 I think that all parents would agree that our children are the most important people in our lives. As loving and caring parents it is our responsibility to do everything we can to protect the safety of our children. If the unimaginable was to happen and your child became lost or was abducted, can you imagine how stressful and emotionally painful it would be? Would you be prepared? Would you be able to think straight? How long do you think that it would take the police to arrive, to get accurate information from distressed parents then to go back and file a report?

Saving Time is the most important asset in the incident of a lost or abducted child. If your child was abducted, the search radius increases by over 100 kilometers for every hour that your child is missing, thus increasing the risk and danger to your child and decreasing the chances of recovery. If your child becomes lost the danger increases by the minute.

Time is of the essence! The KISS program was created specifically for the purpose of Saving Time in a crisis in order to improve your chances of quickly and safely
recovering your missing son or daughter. The KISS Kit gives you immediate access to all of the vital information necessary to recover your child including electronic photos, complete descriptions and fingerprints. You can instantly e-mail your child's KISS Kit (Kid's Identification Safety Software) to the police and to the media or simply hand them a copy of the CD so that they can begin the search right away.

 "The electronic delivery to law enforcement officials of a child's digitized photo can save crucial time, since the chances of safely recovering a child are much greater in the first few hours immediately following a child's disappearance," according to John Walsh, host of the America's Most Wanted television show.

The KISS Kit also gives you instant "Missing Person" poster printing capability so that you, your neighbors and the police can start putting up "missing person" posters right away. Can you imagine how long it might take you to put together a detailed missing person poster without the KISS Kit? Remember, the more people that you have looking for your child, the better your chances of finding him or her. In the event that an "Amber Alert" has to be issued, the KISS Kit will give the media instant access to electronic pictures and information about your missing child so that it can be broadcast on the news; once again, increasing the probability of finding your lost or abducted child.

We hope that nothing like that will ever happen to your precious children, but please do not wait until it's too late! Give yourself the piece of mind that comes with being prepared. Take action now and

Give your kids the KISS…
that may Save their Life!
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