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 Do You Need To Raise $ Money for Your Group?
Sports Team, PTA, School, Church, Hospital, Community Group, School Trip or Charity or...
To Raise Funds for a Sick Child or a Bereaved Family?

Then the KISS Program is just what you need!

With the KISS Program (Kid's Identification Safety Software) you can easily raise all of the money that you need and provide an extremely important and meaningful service to your community at the same time.

If you can arrange the location at your school or church etc. and promote the event with the help of the marketing materials and information that we will provide for you, and ensure that there will be at least 25 kids or more, each with one of their parents in attendance, then we will send out our local KISS Distributor to set up the equipment and provide the complete KISS Kit for each child at a cost of only $25 per child. A generous portion of the proceeds from each KISS Kit sold will be given to you to put towards the purpose of your fundraising efforts.

Most parents will easily pay the nominal $25 fee for the KISS Kit because of the priceless value that it offers towards the safety of their children and with a generous portion of the proceeds going towards a meaningful fundraising effort, who wouldn't want to do it? Corporate sponsorship is also another feasible way of raising more money. We will provide you with the brochures that you can take to any company for sponsorship. The brochure will fully explain the Value and Importance of the KISS Program. Most companies are proud to associate their company name and logo with a program devoted to the safety of children. The financial contributions provided by the various companies that you approach will subsidize (reduce) the cost that each parent has to pay for their children's KISS Kits at your fundraising event. You can customize the brochure by filling in the information about the "Important Purpose" of your specific fundraising event. With the cost of the KISS Kit being reduced by the corporate sponsorship funds, it will be even easier for each parent to purchase the kit, which means more money for your fund.

Business owners can have "KISS YOUR KID" Days. This will drive additional traffic to their business and help the community at the same time.
This is a WIN - WIN - WIN situation...
The Community Wins, the Business Wins and You Win!

Please fill out the form below and you will be on your way to raising the money that you need.

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