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 How would you like to contribute to the safety of the children in your city?
The KISS Program offers an extraordinary home-based business opportunity or a chance to multiply your income by adding this specialized service onto your existing business. Either way, you will be providing an important community service and supplementing or replacing and increasing your income at the same time.

Exclusive territories are assigned to KISS Distributors. You will never be competing against another Distributor. You can attain the rights to a territory as small as 100,000 - 200,000 population or you can secure the area of an entire province or state and set up your own distributors in every city. The KISS Program offers a tremendous potential to create a positive impact in your chosen district and to create positive cash flow at the same time.

At a retail price of only $25 per child, purchasing the KISS Program is an easy decision for all parents. It is priced fairly and it offers a solid and recognizable value. As a distributor your cost per kit is a small fraction of that and it only takes a few minutes to set up each child on the program. Most of your business will be done through schools and sports teams and other venues that deal with large groups of children. You can process 20 -25 children per hour at $25 each. The system is fully computerized and does not require any special skills.

Due to the sensitive and important nature of the KISS service, it lends itself naturally to corporate sponsorship. Both large and small businesses are proud to associate their name and their logo with a service that helps to protect the safety of children. Many companies will sponsor the KISS program by subsidizing the cost of the KISS Kits either in part or even in full. The potential is unlimited and the value is priceless!

As a KISS Distributor you will receive a distributor Package that consists of...

  • Your own KISS Website complete with E-commerce capabilities for web-based sales
  • KISS Proprietary Software
  • An Exclusive Protected Territory
  • Re-sale Rights
  • Law Enforcement Quality Digital Fingerprint Scanner
  • High Quality Digital Camera
  • Fully Programmed Laptop Computer
  • A Compact Portable KISS Business Display Unit

(Your complete business in a portable case on wheels)

  • Professional Marketing Materials
  • Business Start-up Kit
  • On going Training and Support

To inquire about earning a Substantial Income while contributing to the Safety of the children in your community as a KISS Distributor, please complete the form below and one of our representatives will contact you and answer all of your questions. Act Now before your city is assigned to someone else!

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Important Note: All distributors must have a police background check.

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