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About Us

 Better Safe (Kid's Identification Safety Software) is a Canadian company that has the vision of helping parents around the world to become more educated and prepared in their ability to secure and protect their precious children. We have created a low cost Child Identification System that can be a vital instrument in quickly recovering a lost or abducted child. We believe that no child should ever have to endure the trauma of being abducted or abused. The best solution to reduce the incidence of abduction, child abuse and senseless murder is to increase parent education and awareness and to equip parents with valuable precautionary tools such as the KISS Kit Program.

The statistics below are both shocking and alarming and we feel that as nation of caring responsible people, we have to do more to protect our children. The children are our future and we want each and every one of them to have bright and happy future. We hope that you will share our vision and help us to promote the KISS Kit Program.

Why is child ID and child safety so important?
In North America over 2000 missing children are reported every day. A child in North America becomes missing every 40 seconds. Statistics from the justice department and the world Almanac puts the chance of any child becoming missing at 1 in 42.

According to law enforcement throughout the North America, a parent's best assurance for the quick and safe recovery of a missing child is to have a complete profile of the child on hand. The first hours after a child becomes missing is the most critical time for recovery. However it is also the time when the parents are in a panic mode and cannot remember a detailed description of their child.

Give your kids the KISS…
that may Save their Life!
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